RedMan Training Gear is in Nuremburg Germany attending the annual IWA conference. Mohan Ableman, VP of Business Development went a few days early to meet and work with some of the most recognized law enforcement and military trainers worldwide. He has also been meeting with our international distributors to showcase our newest product, the RedMan Tactical Suit. 

John Meyer, our US training partner and founder of Team One Training Network is conducting a Breaching and Low Light class and giving RedMan some excellent exposure on the international level. 

According to John, it has been an amazing week in Germany so far. Both Mohan and John have met with some of the most respected and recognized instructors in the world. The European Police Trainer Conference of the PiD (Polizeitrainer in Deutschland) takes place three days before the IWA Outdoor Classics tradeshow. This Conference has grown to be one of the premier International Instructors conferences. There are Instructors from Austria, Canada, China, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States. 

Photos courtesy of PiD (Polizeitrainer in Deutschland)  and  Team One Network