Team One Network is one of RedMan’s longest running partners. Responsible for leading our RedMan Instructor Certification program, the company is made of a team of professional instructors and consultants dedicated to supporting Law Enforcement and Military personnel by providing training specifically designed to increase officer survival around the world.

Team One provides its own training courses in addition to our own, including training in various firearms, leadership, emergency medical care, tactical, and more. Each course is taught by a professional with extensive training and experience in that area, and is created to test participants in real-life scenarios.

RedMan Instructor Certification

The Redman Instructor Certificate Program incorporates the instructors’ existing techniques and tactics into drills that utilize verbalization, subject control, aerosol sprays, impact weapons, and less than lethal force up to and including the use of training munitions. The course also includes The Seven Levels of Simulation, as well as a full range of defensive tactics training tools including weapons, striking shields, and impact training protective equipment.

The course was created in order to assist instructors in developing the skills necessary to lead future training scenarios. Topics also include: use & misuse, correct sizing, proper donning, correct use & care, sanitation, equipment repair, and repacking & storage of the RedManĀ® XP Suit.

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