Proper care and cleaning of equipment are essential whenever multiple people are using the same piece of equipment for training. Not only does it help extend the life of the items, but it also prevents the sharing of sweat, blood, and germs. This makes taking proper care of your RedMan gear extremely important, as it reduces the risk of transmitting blood-borne HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, and other pathogens from wearing dirty gear.

One of the key features of RedMan Training Gear is that ours is the only gear on the market that can be quickly and easily cleaned, disinfected and dried after each use. The closed cell foam and protective coverings in our suits allow you to use non-oil-based soap, which can be wiped clean or allowed to air dry.

The steps to clean the gear are simple. Start by wiping off any dirt and grime that is on the suit, then spray with our disinfectant and let it sit for 10 minutes before wiping clean. Watch the video above to see how we recommend you care for your RedMan gear.

Years ago the RedMan team added a Disinfectant Cleaner to our product line to help our customers stay healthy. We realized that although cleaning the gear will take away any dirt or grime that is visible to the eye, cleaning alone isn’t enough due to the intense use it gets. Sanitizing RedMan gear after each use is what will kill off any bacteria that can make you sick, as well as extending the life of the gear.

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