R.A.D. Systems and RedMan Training Gear have joined forces to provide the ultimate self-defense training program. Whether you are teaching self-defense as a business or a public service, our teams offer affordable and effective self-defense training courses that will prepare you to lead programs that help save lives.

The R.A.D. Aggressor Gear Self Defense Instructor and Student Suits are powerful training tools designed to enable instructors and their students to repeatedly practice adverse situations with the appropriate force while significantly reducing the risk of injury. Understanding how and when to use this gear is critically important to instructors and students alike, as the programs were designed to build real skills and confidence in those practicing with the gear.

One of our top instructors is Kathy Wright, a former police officer of 14 years serving as a Staff Instructor in RA.D.’s Advanced Self Defense Program and Basic Physical Defense System. She is also a personal fitness specialist and law enforcement staff instructor at the National Academy of Defense Education.

It is through partnering with instructors such as Kathy that R.A.D. fulfills its mission of equipping vulnerable communities with the tools to defend themselves. By providing future instructors with the best gear and training available, our goals are to continue teaching people how to react effectively in dangerous situations while equipping them with the confidence needed to perform under pressure.

Interested in becoming R.A.D. certified? Please review the list below of all offered certifications, and reach out to us through the contact information provided about purchasing our training gear.

R.A.D. Training Courses

  • R.A.D. Simulation Instructor Certification
  • Basic Physical Defense Instructor Certification
  • Advances Self Defense Instructor Certification
  • Extreme Applications of Lethal Force Instructor Certification
  • Certification R.A.D. for Men and R.A.D. for Seniors Instructor Certification

R.A.D. Aggressor Gear is made by RedMan and sold exclusively through R.A.D. distribution.

To order call: 225-791-4430

Visit them online: rad-systems.com