This April RedMan is partnering up with ASP for its Instructor Certification program (AIC). Located in beautiful Germany at the fantastic IBZ – Information and Education Center at Gimborn Castle, this will be a hands-on seminar designed to teach participants how to instruct classes in the operational use of the ASP tactical baton and handcuffs.

While at this event, attendees will also learn a variety of efficient defensive impact weapon and restraint tactics. These include:
  • The purpose of RedMan Training Gear and how to safely train in our equipment 
  • How to choose the right weapon and repair them in different scenarios 
  • Instructor survival tactics 
  • Integral use-of-force options 
  • Striking, kicking, OC, Baton, and Simmunition FX Drills 
Founded by the International Police Association (IPA), the Gimborn Castle provides yearly professional seminars, conferences and meetings for domestic and foreign police officers. It also allows other groups to host their events there, as well as other travelers to stay and visit while in Germany (
If you are interested in attending this event and would like to purchase tickets, you can visit the Facebook event page here .
Or go to Gimborn Castle’s website here.
Cover photo created by IBZ Schloss Gimborn