RedMan and Indian River State College (IRSC) have been longtime partners working together to train future law enforcement officers. IRSC’s Criminal Justice Institute trains recruits in its Police Academy, where they receive comprehensive training designed to teach them how to properly enforce laws and regulations.

Much of this training takes place at the Treasure Coast Public Safety Training Complex at IRSC, which has been described as “…one of the most comprehensive, technologically advanced public safety training facilities in the nation” ( The state of the art building where RedMan training takes place features:

  • The RedMan Defensive Tactics Lab, which provides high liability training for students and comes complete with RedMan training gear for both the instructors and students to practice in.
  • A 300-degree virtual simulator that puts trainees through reality-based scenarios to test their decision making and quick response skills.
When combat training is taking place, the school uses our Redman Traditional XP and RedMan Student Suits. The Student Suit is a critical part of the training program, as it enables trainees to participate in reality-based training safely.
It provides protection for their heads, chests, knees, and elbows while giving them access to their duty belts, allowing them to practice at their full capacity to get the most out of each session.
RedMan is honored to be IRSC’s partner in training at their Police Academy. If you would like to see our RedMan suits in action, you can visit our YouTube channel here.
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