RedMan Training Gear, in collaboration with training partner Team One Network, recently held an open house welcoming law enforcement officers from Central Florida to experience a new 20,000 square-foot training complex located in Sebastian, FL. A full day of demonstrations and familiarization on the cutting-edge equipment and training capabilities at the facility introduced law enforcement personnel to the wide range of training possibilities the center provides. “To have a facility that we can actually train in to do any type of situation, and any type of scenario is exceptional,” says Jack Bruckner, officer with the Sebastian Police Department. “All the different tools at this facility allow us to incorporate everything that we have to deal with on the job.”

Police departments around the country are constantly training to prepare officers on the most effective methods to reduce the chances of escalation of force. RedMan and Team One Network say the goal is to reduce risk to officers and the public using training tactics such as a triple checks firearms safety system. We are providing a venue for realistic training scenarios that put officers in a variety of everyday life situations, technology that allows use of simulated weapons, and repetitive practice using the type of force they might experience in real life.

“A facility like this allows trainers an opportunity to put their officers to the test – physically and mentally,” says John Meyer, President of Team One Network. “Our goal is always to get officers home safe, preparing them to manage everything that happens the minute a situation begins, to the split-second decisions they need to make, reactions to being hit or sudden changes in the nature of an altercation.” Meyer adds that a training facility such as the one RedMan and Team One have created provides an opportunity for trainers to improve traditional training programs by utilizing new technology and tactics to include skills and experience in low light conditions, breaching entryways, aerosol sprays, subject control, impact weapons and more.

In addition, law enforcement, corrections and military personnel have access to a 3,000 square-foot simulation house with reconfigurable room components that aid in staging training scenarios, that can also be configured in low-light conditions. “The balcony overlook to the simulation house is the perfect location for officers to watch training exercises that can happen in the house. Trainers can even rotate officers through difference scenarios in different areas of the house at the same time,” says Meyer.

Departments are constantly challenged to maintain relevant training programs that provide solutions and tactics to many different situations. The vision for this center gives departments a way to do just that, providing access to a large, comprehensive facility with the equipment they need to run safe and realistic scenario based training programs. Technology and tactics are constantly evolving; our mission is to provide training that improves officer safety and the safety of the public they serve. ” says John Meyer.