Training and Safety was the title of the RedMan Course held this past February 4-5, 2019  in Leuven, Belgium. The event was under the direction of instructor Jonas Nobels, and tuned out to be a great success!

Attendees were trained in the areas of dynamic, realistic, and safe simulation training, as well as how to use RedMan protective gear to develop and implement this training. They also learned about cutting edge advances in simulation training, including the use of the RedMan Weapon Defense Suit and how to care for and preserve RedMan gear.

The objective in providing this type of simulation training was for the attendees to:

  • Learn greater safety measures for interactions between officers and the public
  • Understand how to attain reduced liability exposure
  • Enhance their decision-making abilities
  • Establish greater confidence in their skills
  • Ensure less chance of panic by officers on the street
  • Give instructors the opportunity to test their students’ skills

Additionally, instructor Jonas Nobel both explained and demonstrated the Essential Components of a Valid Simulation Training Program and the value of: having properly trained instructors, proper format for the exercises, proper equipment, and proper supervision for the exercises.

RedMan Training Gear is very excited to be part of this partnership and to be collaborating with Jonas’ team and ACCOM International to promote Safety and Training Simulations with our training gear. Today, we continue to develop products that help trainers expand the limits of their training, giving students the benefit of learning from the most realistic experiences possible.
Take Charge Not Chances.