RedMan Training Gear is more than just an equipment provider. As the leader in defensive tactics training gear for dynamic, reality-based integrated use-of-force simulations, our mission is to provide law enforcement officials around the world with the best equipment to ensure they are always prepared for what lies ahead.

In order to succeed in our mission, we have a variety of services and information available for our partners around the world. Our website is now available in French, Spanish, Arabic, and German, and we have distributors located in various countries for buyers to connect with.
Our video library is another great resource that distributes information about how to use and properly care for our gear. In addition, we also provide trainer tips for those who will be using RedMan Training Gear with their students, as well as videos of our gear actually being used in simulation training so visitors know what they can expect when using our products. Just like our products, these videos were created to enable law enforcement, military and security professionals to train harder and more realistically with our RedMan gear.

Additional Notes:

  • RedMan Training Gear is CE and GSA Certified
  • RedMan training gear is the only protective gear that may be worn in every situation you may be training in, from standing to ground, from the gym to the streets, from normal everyday environments to training in the water, and much more.
  • Ours is the only gear that is quickly and easily cleaned, spray disinfected and dried after each use.
  • We offer a RedMan Training Course for those who would like to develop the skills necessary to lead future training scenarios within their own departments, including correct sizing, proper donning, correct use and care, sanitation, equipment repair and repacking and storage of the RedMan® XP Suit.